It is the policy of TayeReign Transport to provide and maintain a safe working environment to protect our employees and the citizens of the communities where we conduct business from injury and property loss.

TayeReign Transport is committed to promoting a high level of safety awareness and responsible driving behavior in its employees. Our efforts and the commitment of employees will prevent vehicle accidents and reduce personal injury and property loss claims. The program requires the full involvement of each driver to operate their vehicle safely and to adhere to the responsibilities outlined in our Motor Vehicle Safety Program.

It is our intention to be in compliance with all federal, state, municipal safety and highway regulations. We want to make certain that our drivers know and understand the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Our goal is to have safe transportation of our products by providing the following:

1.Regulatory compliance at the management level
2.Ongoing driver training
3.Adherence to effective driver hiring practices
4.Audits of driver safety records to ensure compliance
5.Never to require or encourage drivers to operate a vehicle when fatigued
6.Never require or encourage drivers to exceed the speed limit to meet deadlines
7.Training in the proper and safe way to distribute and secure a load
8.Maintaining current physical exams, driving records, and licenses  

TayeReign Transport will not permit or require any vehicle to be operated in violation of the safety regulations. Specific measures will be taken to ensure compliance from all drivers. In our industry, a lot of emphasis is placed on safety while driving; however, there is a great potential for injury to our drivers while working on and around our trucks and trailers. Because of this potential for injury, TayeReign Transport has developed safe procedures to follow while working on and around trucks and trailers. TayeReign Transport expects all staff members to abide by the rules of this program.

Our Safety Manual covers both safe driving and safe working practices. Thus, it affects all persons operating under the TayeReign Transport operating authority. Our program includes emphasis on the unique issues found in the trucking industry. The components of the program include awareness of the hazards, the use of appropriate equipment, safe work practices, evaluation of the driver’s knowledge of these safe work practices, and effective guidance.

Best Regards,
Taylor Hicks
Compliance and Safety Consulting Coordinator